06 October 2012

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10 March 2012

101% Full


Timothy and Ben Hone went out to the dam on Sunday 4th March 2012, and noticed that the water is just 1.5 meters from the flagpole - 92.9% full!!!
If the predicted further falls of up to 200mm eventuate, it won’t be long until the dam reaches 100% capacity - Whoo hoo!!!
NOTE! By Monday, the water level was up to 101%!!!
This is the most water we've had since 2001!!!!

 Sailability Boatshed, seen from the Clubhouse - 6th March 2012 - the dam is 101% full!
Compare this to the same angle, October 2006 :

In front of the flagstaff
Compare this to the same angle in October 2006:

Back of the boatshed - 6th March 2012 - 101% full
Compare this to October 2006 :

Finally! Water all the way upto the flagstaff and boatshed!
Compare this to a similar angle from October 2006:

 View from the front gate - 101% full!
Compare to October 2006:

Rear of Carcoar Dam wall overflowing - first time in over 10 years!
(Thanks to Timothy Hone for these pictures.)

 The view from the dam wall
The back of the spillway, finally overflowing after more than 10 years!
(Thanks to Ash Johnson for the pics)

2012 Regatta a great success!!!

Our first regatta at Carcoar Dam held in over seven years was a huge success this past weekend (25-26 February 2012), with over 40 boats competing and included 5 races of over the two days. We ran 4 classes, including the Maricat National Titles, and accommodated approximately 80+ people - many of whom who camped-out. The club and grounds looked great, with plenty of mown parking, rigging and camping areas... boats were two deep on the shore, racing was close (very close on some legs), all competitors were friendly - and gave a resounding “yes” when asked if they would like to return.

Although there were plenty of thank you’s made during the Presentations, they rarely truly acknowledge the real effort made, as the Committee put in a great effort - the most notable being Marcia and Mark in both planning and taking care of the last minute details, making sure jobs were done and Marcia doing the presentation. Plus Katrina and Kerry for organising and keeping the large number of people fed with a range of hot food and drinks and cakes, and, and, and importantly - as and when it was required.

This event was conceived by Ash and Andrew Diver (past club junior), Ash, Jono and Ian organised the racing and were fortunate to have assistance (albeit from non club members - the majority of our Club organisers haven’t even attended a regatta for many years [if ever], let alone organise and run one, so it was good job well done by all).
One of the classic ironies of rural sailing - after seven years of drought and minimal water levels, we spent our Sunday happily sailing in the rain!

Social sailing is being held again - every Sunday, for another month or two (before it gets too cold!) Hope to see you there.

Regatta Photo Gallerys can be found here - Gallery One / Gallery Two

Many thanks to our fantastic regatta sponsors... please support the business who support us:

Don MacLennan - Club Commodore