10 March 2012

101% Full


Timothy and Ben Hone went out to the dam on Sunday 4th March 2012, and noticed that the water is just 1.5 meters from the flagpole - 92.9% full!!!
If the predicted further falls of up to 200mm eventuate, it won’t be long until the dam reaches 100% capacity - Whoo hoo!!!
NOTE! By Monday, the water level was up to 101%!!!
This is the most water we've had since 2001!!!!

 Sailability Boatshed, seen from the Clubhouse - 6th March 2012 - the dam is 101% full!
Compare this to the same angle, October 2006 :

In front of the flagstaff
Compare this to the same angle in October 2006:

Back of the boatshed - 6th March 2012 - 101% full
Compare this to October 2006 :

Finally! Water all the way upto the flagstaff and boatshed!
Compare this to a similar angle from October 2006:

 View from the front gate - 101% full!
Compare to October 2006:

Rear of Carcoar Dam wall overflowing - first time in over 10 years!
(Thanks to Timothy Hone for these pictures.)

 The view from the dam wall
The back of the spillway, finally overflowing after more than 10 years!
(Thanks to Ash Johnson for the pics)

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